Welcome to my repository of web apps, built my me. These are my experiments in web development, data visualization, and user experience design. They are a work-in-progress, so check them out and send a message if you have any comments or suggestions.


Typepost is a simple text-to-image generator for social media posts. Use Typepost to create branded messages, quick text posts, memes for all your social media accounts.

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Setback Visualizer

The Setback Visualizer is a web applet designed to visualize the maximum allowable buildable area of a parcel of land.

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Scrollr is a web app for generating scrolling marquees on your digital devices. Write up a short message, set the color, text size, and scrolling speed, and then display the marquee. Scrollr is a fun way to get other people’s attention wherever you are.

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Where the Water Grows

Where the Water Grows is a simple slideshow interface that explores the water used to grow various agricultural products. It is a visually impactful interactive infographic that can help you make sustainable choices with food during periods of water scarcity.

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