Atlanta, Can You Build On This Lot #002

Hey there, followers. Here is part 2 of my multi-part series exploring Atlanta’s zoning and building codes, one quirky plot of land at a time. This time we are looking at a lot that for at first glance should be usable without too much red tape, but because of incorrect street assignments cannot be used without first getting a setback variance. Let’s check out 205 Fletcher Street.

ATL, CYBOTL Lot 002: 205 Fletcher Street

The nature of 205 Fletcher Street is ultimately not unique, there is a similar misaddressed site just down the block at 233 Fletcher Street. Because the incorrect frontage street was assigned by the city, the lot cannot be used without procuring a variance, which adds time and cost to what should be a relatively straightforward home build. The Pittsburgh neighborhood is a very desirable area in the city of Atlanta, with developments like Pittsburgh Yards set to revitalize the neighborhood. However, with the possibility of long-term residents being pushed out due to gentrification, the need for affordable housing close to one’s ancestral home is imperative. Lots like these need to be quickly developed to keep housing costs low and to ease the affordability crisis. The city is quite aware of lots similar to 205 Fletcher; they gave a setback variance just this month to 200 Fletcher which is similarly narrow but has its frontage on the narrow side of the lot (which would have still been buildable otherwise).

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