Atlanta, Can You Build On This Lot #005

After a (not so short) hiatus, I am back with analyzing a new lot to see if you can build on it. This lot was recommended to me by a friend who lives in the neighborhood. 830 Deckner is near the Beltline and right next to a park, making it a very desirable location. However, one little body of water complicates building on it. Let’s take a look and see if you can build on this lot.

Without an encroachment or a setback variance, the lot would be very difficult to use for most buyers. The stream buffer for the creek at the rear of the site cuts down the buildable area to a sliver. Getting any exemption would be expensive and time-consuming for a regular individual looking to build on the lot. The city does keep track of lots of record – lots that have exceptional conditions. If 830 Deckner is one of them, the city could help expedite the variance process. In any case, it would take a motivated developer to get encroachment needed to build on the property.

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