Scrollr Web App

Say hello to Scrollr! Scrollr is the updated successor of my old Scroll’d app. Just like Scroll’d, Scrollr is a simple scrolling marquee creator. The user inputs their text in the responsive settings page that fluidly adjusts to your desktop or mobile screen. Once the user hits “Scroll It!” their text scrolls from right toView Article

COVID-19 Telehealth Chatbot

While working at Gozio Health at the height of the COVID-19 Pandemic, I was tasked with mocking up a chatbot interface to help telehealth patients determine if they might be symptomatic with COVID. Gozio sought to expand its telehealth offerings into automated diagnostics by offering the company’s healthcare clients a messaging system to triage patientsView Article

Atlanta Jazz Festival 2020 Posters

In early 2020, I entered the design competition for the Altanta Jazz Festival. The winning entries would be used for promotional materials and merchandise for the event. I wanted to evoke the energy and formal playfulness of jazz music in my designs. The designs blend the structured fluidity that jazz revels in with the controlledView Article

Breather ATL

Breather ATL was a web design project undertaken while working at Lightroom. Lightroom wanted a site for yearly local art and design conference it cosponsored. I took Breather’s message of “a breath of fresh air” in the art and design world and used that to inform the design. Light, airy, minimal, but with graphic interest.View Article

Jirafu Lamp

The Jirafu Lamp is a sleek and modern design inspired by modular and flat-pack design. The minimal design combines wooden dowels with 3d printed joints to create an easy-to-assemble lamp. Reminiscent of the graceful giraffe, the lamp is both playful and sophisticated. The design appeals to youths and adults alike. The joints can be customizedView Article

Parametric Design

Design of the twenty-first century blends technology with creativity. Algorithms, scripts, and programs can help create new buildings, products, and graphics. As a web designer and programmer, I enjoy learning new programming and scripting languages to incorporate into my designs. From Python to Grasshopper, from VisualBasic to Dynamo, employing programming languages to produce design opensView Article


Yoncarr is an architectural toy designed in my first year of architecture school. The goal was to produce a construction toy with infinite possibilities of configuration for all ages. The toy consists of three pieces: rods, blocks, and hollow blocks. The toy has numerous pieces to help create anything one can fathom. The toy alsoView Article


The H-case is a prototype phone case design for the iPhone 4 and 5. The design incorporates the protection of a case with the utility of a stand. The case comes apart from the phone to produce a portable phone dock with no moving parts (eliminating much of the wear and tear that would beView Article


Re:Dock is a simple product with a simple goal — to provide a stand for your phone or tablet anywhere you are. After going through many purchased portable phone stands, I created one that eliminated the wear and tear seen in stands and docks with hinges and locking mechanisms. While Re:Dock is a two-piece product,View Article

Armature Lamp

The Armature Lamp is a prototype study in lighting design. The lamp originated from a light post feature that I had designed for a landscape architecture project while at Rice. The design consists of a two-point adjustable lamp, with the ability to be packed flat and assembled for use. The current prototype utilizes an LEDView Article