An Eye for an Eye Left the World Blind

I am coming back to my data visualization roots with a new infographic documenting the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Recent clashes between Israel and Palestine this May has progressed from protests over continued evictions of Palestinians in annexed East Jerusalem to missile exchanges between Hamas and the IDF. The recent fighting has brought international eyes and renewed discussion over the ongoing occupation of Palestine. In 2014 I created an infographic called “Eye for an Eye” detailing the history of casualties between Israel and Palestine starting from the first Intifada to the start of the 2014 ground invasion by Israel, Occupation Protective Edge. In the years, the violence has persisted resulting in hundreds of fatalities, the overwhelming majority Palestinian civilians. This most recent clash has reached a tenuous ceasefire but tensions are still high. I have created a follow-up to “Eye for an Eye,” the infographic “Left the World Blind,” to keep current the documentation of the conflict and put into perspective the one-sided nature of the occupation.

Left the World Blind infographic 2021
Left the World Blind [2021]
Eye For An Eye (2014)

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