Say Hello to the Setback Visualizer

setback visualizer demo

Say hello to my latest web app (or applet), the Setback Visualizer 1.0! Inspired by my “Can You Build on This Lot” Series, I built this web applet so that anyone can see if they can build on a lot of their choosing. This applet is easy to use. You just input the site dimensions in feet and then the setback requirements – which you can find in the zoning ordinances of your local municipality. The visualizer will automatically update, showing the maximum footprint of a structure for that particular lot. The applet is built in Svelte, so it is super fast and super reactive. Take it for a spin today. See which lots in your city can be developed with their current zoning, and without a setback variance.

Currently the applet only visualizes rectangular lots, but new features are on the way. If you have any questions or comments, send me a message. Also, if you want to see my applet on steroids, check out UrbanForm by the team over at Polytechnica.

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